David Moore Photography work & Case study

My MA photography course provided some case study interviews released for us to look at, I was advised to look at the interview and work of David Moore.

Before I watched the video I had a look at David Moore photography works (Davidmoore.uk.com, 2018). David lived in Derby in the U.K. and during this time he took film pictures of family’s homes from a council estate in Derby. This later became known as the “Pictures from the Real World” project. One picture that stood out was of a man in an armchair reading a copy of the Derby Evening Telegraph in 1987 wearing a green overall. This image is significant to me as this was the time I just finished my time in my hairdressing training. In addition, I remember the copy of the Derby evening telegraph with a back page of the sport. With an image of Mick Harford the Derby County footballer of that time. So this image had a different meaning to me than other viewers would see.

Images from the project “Pictures from the Real World” – David Moore 1987

Case Study Video

In the case study video released by my university, David Moore talked about film stills captured from a film archive called the politics of archive translations in film (Steyerl, 2018)

David talked about how images that are converted in some way are effectively evolving into something different and have different meanings political or otherwise.

And archives of images that are scanned are being altered to accommodate new audiences and have new meaning to them.


Politics of the archive
Translations in film (Steyerl, 2018)

looking further into his work, I realised he had lived in Derby as I did for most of my life, and he produced a set of images outside the once Rolls Royce Engineering works on Nightingale Road, which is very close where I used to live, After completing his series Pictures from the Real World, Colour Photographs 1987-8

image from Lisa and John – Oh My Days! ‘photographer at the scene’ making key photographs from the series ‘Pictures from the Real World’ – David Moores 2018

The above image made me think of the models of barbers I had seen at the Temple of Groom event in Hong Kong in 2017. almost like a natural transition from photo to 3D.

Temple of Groom event in Hong Kong in 2017 – picture Paul Peach 2017



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