Barber Event section of Book

This section is one of the key elements of the book, but at the same time the custom quad tone graphics effect I created using Topaz Studio I have used is very different from the rest of the book, so I can either keep the existing black & white images or use this effect. I think this part of the book or this section can be a pullout book supplement to the story of the men’s grooming evolution as this event is part of the development of Hong Kong Barbers in the development process of their careers and to be aware of other barber and cultures and new skills. This is more of a documentary section than the other images I have used in the book so far.

In this screenshot below of this selection, I used an adobe lightroom cc book design feature, as its very easy to move images around quickly and see what it looks like in a book. I may decide to use this section as dividers for each section of the book. Also using this effect can be a good way to animate the story without being too dynamic. These set of images, which I took in 2017 at the temple of groom event in causeway bay, was 6 hours of none stop photography where things were moving fast, and I had no opportunity to set up such things as lighting or props or anything staged. In this case, I  had to think on my feet and try to keep the flow of action moving in these images and ultimately these images are linked to some of the barbershops and people who work or are connected to this industry.

Although these photographs are from last year, a lot of these images have not been seen as part of a set, and I have reworked these images to fit into my vision of this book. I showed a sample to one of my peers they commented that my work had my stamp on it. Well, in any case, I may use the original black and white pictures in a few dummy layouts later to see how they look like as a set.

Barber Event- the temple of Groom 2017 book section layout using Adobe Lightroom CC book view – Paul Peach 2018





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