Women in Clothes

As part of the process to design a book for my project I need to look at more example of books and the way they are structured. As I will be potentially adding text from my interviews I was also interested in the format of how other books dealt with interviews. One such book Women in Clothes(Heti, Julavits and Shapton, 2014). This book as the name suggests is about what women have to say about their experiences with clothing. This book uses a lot of interviews and displays the interviews in a line by line script conversation. As you read the interviews, you do get the feeling nothing much if anything has been edited out.

One interesting thing is the project sections of the book where they are asked to perform a particular task or answer a specific question about something. One section of the book the interviewed women had been asked to show a photo of their mother before they got married and asked them what they see.

Some of the project sections also gave me some ideas about how to produce some photograms images, for example, the hands with the ring, could this be something I can include. Then I started thinking about the everyday surroundings of the barbershop, such as the hair and floor.

I thought this question was quite interesting, as opposed to asking what do you think or what do you remember about the photograph. This had me thinking about what I would see if I had a photo of my parents, moreover, what do people see in my work or photographs when they look at them. I also thought about the narrative of my images and how the sections of the book would come together.

After more some feedback from my university supervisor, I thought it was time to think about my profile beyond the bio part of the book, and how this may or may not fit into the motivation and in general into the book design.

My reflections on this research and consultation steered me towards looking more at my profile and motivations for this project.

The basic idea of layout and sections of the book – Paul Peach 2018

Book Layout first Draft

My first very basic layout below is a quick throw together book design just to get the basic structure started in Indesign and will be radically changed by the time I have completed all my images and design structure. I used the colour theme tool to match some of the colours to the paper background as a starting point, but printing on different kinds of paper will have different results of colour and texture. In my next blog, I will talk about my ideas and potential influences in more detail regarding the design.



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