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Finally got most of my images into my InDesign book template. Well since my last draft I have made some more changes to the layout and removed some images and added others. The most significant changes are in the last section with interviews and some missing chapters. Besides the design of the photos and graphics, I could have written a list of the contents, but given I was still producing images during this project, I decided to adapt to the pictures and interviews to the design more rigorously once all of the photographs and interviews I am creating.

I’m losing count of the number draft layouts that I have done, but anyway there is still a lot of work to do. I need to inject some more consistency now I have most of my images in.

As part of our MA in Photography, I need to produce 2 PDF documents, one of the book and another that describes what my work is about and why I am doing it and show some of my best work and any public or private displays of my work. I have been looking at page layouts for my PDF documents in general.

Some dummy layouts for my FMP PDF – Paul Peach 2018

I have already registered with the Royal Photographic Society and will set up my profile and images when I get chance as this gives you a wider audience than some of the more obscure websites out on the web.  And, in fact, I want to continue with the project as I feel it will be better, in the long run, to have a much fuller collection of barbershop images in the book. Having said that I hope to have the core design of the book printed to show its at a publishable standard by the end of August 2018. I will show my next draft to some of my peers later to get an idea of where I am with its progress. One of the things I need to consider is what images I can use for a more professional web gallery display from the vast amount of pictures I have been producing.

As far as the book design is concerned it’s creating that balance between my creative impression and also to make sure my work is not lost in the design of the book. I understand in graphic design, space is a shape and represents different things. Images on a page can be restricted or can be unrestricted. I want my book design to have a structure that’s organised, but at the same time organic as this project has evolved in a more organic style which represents also the progress of the Barbershops and my self as a photographer, I want my images to be representational of the time and place and the people and show the men’s grooming evolution or if you like the current boom in this creative industry in Hong Kong.

Another PDF draft of my book, still very much a work in progress in terms of the book design -Paul Peach 2018










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