Cyanotype Prints

Part of my research and project proposal will be to include as much rich photographic material as possible that I have available. So before I write-up my Project proposal I needed to get hold of some sun paper or probably best known as Cyanotype Prints, ready to once again develop more photogram images for my project book.

The previous photograms I used Ilford photographic paper. Using this film I had a limited time for me to scan as the paper was developing quickly and I don’t have a dark room, so as a result, I decided later in the project I will try using sun paper(, 2018).

I have concluded that the Sunpaper paper and fabric I have now will allow me to place objects or negatives onto the paper in a much better more thoughtful way in contrast with using the Ilford film sheets.


Cyanotype Kits

There are kits you can use that have the chemicals that you can brush onto paper or fabric (Supplies, 2018)  that produce Cyanotype prints.  In contrast, the sun paper below will create the same kind of effect I need. As far as editing is concerned I will probably edit the image to get the desired look I need, using one or more photography software packages.

The production of these images will involve using my own  Epson V800 scanner. The idea will be to clean up any unwanted artefacts, but it may be the case the images have an authentic feel which may be better than an overproduced image.  A noteworthy point is when you scan your own images you have greater control over the output. In sharp contrast to a third-party company who have less time to refine the scan results.

I have started to think about what kind of prints I will produce and I think I need to try to improve on my previous attempts by introducing more refined and polished work. Some example maybe the use of negatives combined with barbershop tools or something else symbolic of my work or themes.

This type of printing is nothing new and it was originally a popular format for producing blueprints invented in 1842

by Sir John Hersche (supplies, 2018).

Sunography Paper Cyanotype Prints
Sunography Square, Portrait, Landscape paper for Cyanotype prints -Paul Peach 2018
Back Label of Sun Paper - Cyanotype Prints
Sunography Paper and Cotton Fabric – Information and Instructions

Having tried this method with limited resources I felt it was not going to produce the quality I wanted. This was a useful experimentation in my continuing development.

Reference (2018). Sunography. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Feb. 2018].

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