F11 Foto Museum Visit

I was invited to visit the F11 Foto Museum in the Happy Valley area of Hong Kong by local Photographer Wing-Lun Cheung and fellow student whos now focusing on the life of homeless people.

This photo exhibition by Lars Netopil from Wetzlar, Germany, a consultant to Leica Camera and Vice President of Leica Historica e.V., features 68 images from the <Museum Leica> book which provides a preview of the new Leica Factory Museum collection to be shown at the recently completed Leitz Park. (F11 Foto Museum, 2018)

The exhibition talk was in Cantonese, although  parts were kindly translated, The Leica images were really focusing around the famous  Lecia Black Paint Leica M3, which has been often said to be the best 35mm film camera ever made due to its long durability and innovative 0.91x viewfinder, which was combined with a rangefinder and quiet shutter release and film winders.

I also managed to talk to other photographers at the venue and talk about my project a little, so I managed to show a couple of my fellow local Hong Kong photographers  Dr John M.Low and my fellow MA student Wing Lun my work and asked what they thought of my photos and my latest work in progress draft book layout.

I used my IPAD Pro to show my now 300 plus pages PDF book in its fairly raw view, and I allowed them to look at the photographs and told them a little about the project and I also mentioned that it was suggested by my university supervisor to remove 25 % of my images, which I thought was a little high given that I had already culled a lot of images, although I will remove one or two which I think may not work. They said I should keep them all as the images were working very well and the flow of the book felt right.

They also suggested I avoid putting lots of text with the images as they thought the images worked already and perhaps I could have a thumbnail index at the end of the book to describe a little more about each image. John mentioned also he was struck at how relaxed the barbers looked and he thought I did really well as a western person to be able to get so close to these groups of people. and he thought even a local native speaking person would have difficulty in getting these sorts of pictures. It was also mentioned it was an interesting project.

It’s good to show someone who is not familiar with my work to see what the initial reaction is, so in conclusion, the response is quite positive so far even at this early draft copy.



F11 Foto Museum, F. (2018). Current | F11 Foto Museum. [online] F11.com. Available at: http://f11.com/exhibitions [Accessed 23 Jul. 2018].

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