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First of all in this blog I wanted to talk about something about how photographers work.  Fashion photographer or not? In January’s edition of British Journal of photography, there was an abundance of different kinds of photography to look at. I was reading about the work of Barbara Probst. I was interested in the fact that a photographer who is not associated with fashion photography was commissioned to do just that for the Marni brand of clothing. As a consequence, I started to look more into this particular photographers profile.

The article (Skidmore, 2018) described the Marni Italian luxury design house decision to commission German conceptualist Barbara Probst to shoot their spring/summer 2017 collection, was a bold collaboration. Skidmore goes onto to say Probst’s images don’t necessarily lend themselves to fashion. Does this mean she is now a fashion photographer or not? Is there a new kind of photographer for this kind of work? Perhaps its just another cycle of branding style requirements. Either the photographer is calling the shots more, or the clients are getting more creative, or maybe both.


Barbara Probst photographer
Barbara Probst & Marni (Skidmore, 2018)


Fashion Photographer or not?

The New York Times writes(Schwendener, 2018)”For most of her career, Barbara Probst has used two of photography’s features — often considered flaws — as springboards for her work. One is that photography is monocular, a limitation compared to human binocular vision. The other is photography’s static nature, compared to moving images like video or film.

I think this could be a trend for future branding as the world seems to be a more creative place these days in the way that companies brand products and perhaps this could be paving the way for more creative photography. This also got me thinking about how some of the teachers have mentioned my photography is fashion orientated and as a youth culture aspect to it.

Since I was taking photographs of Hong Kong Barbers and their respective working environments and lifestyle, I was thinking how this may or may not steer my book project to a broader audience. It also poses the question does a photographer need to be a fashion expert or need to have some connection with youth culture, perhaps not if the growing trend is to explore new versions of work maybe photographers need to have a new perspective and have new ideas to present images.



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