Old Town Walkabout & Photography Exhibition

Well after a moving to a new place here in Hong Kong and recovering from some bug, I decided I was in need of some inspiration for my project. I began to search what events in Hong Kong I could go to this week related to my project. After some research I found a heritage site call the PMQ (PMQ 元創方 | History of PMQ, 2018) the central school, the former Hollywood road police married quarters in Central Hong Kong.

PMQ Heritage Past and Present leaflet, (PMQ 元創方 | History of PMQ, 2018) Paul Peach 2018


Interestingly this place houses a lot of local craft and fashion shops. My primary focus was to look at anything to do with barbershop heritage. I was somewhat disappointed only to see one replica chair and cartoon backdrop of the what was the PMQ description described as an old town walkabout from the old days.


Post Card of Old town walkabout, PMQ Heritage Past and Present, (PMQ 元創方 | History of PMQ, 2018) Paul Peach 2018

I did not have any expectations of this place as its primary purpose was more of a tourist location for Hong Kong. It was indeed a different perspective to see the backdrop like this with the barber’s chair. Notably, a few people liked to sit in the chair, so there was some interest in the chair if nothing much else. I took a few pictures, and they did have the celestial spinning barber pole and also a replica old-style hairdryer at least.


PMQ Heritage Barbershop of old Hong Kong, (PMQ 元創方 | History of PMQ, 2018) Paul Peach 2018

Reflection of Old town walkabout

As I looked at the cartoon decor, it did look a little bit like the actual original shanghai barbershops style of old. A little bit like the image I took below of the(Ambassador Parlour Barbers, 2018) in 2017. At the end of my visit, I was not sure what to make of what I had seen. It is fair to say that there is some recognition of the barbershops of old from a historical aspect and that it was obviously something to be remembered by visitors and local Hong Kong people. Consequently, I also started to wonder if my project is about heritage, probably not as a whole.

AMBASSADOR PARLOUR, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong,  image by Paul Peach 2017

Second Event – Photography Exhibition at PMQ

This second event was a pop-up exhibition at the Yellow corner (Yellowkorner.com, 2018) small exhibition of Limited Edition artwork. This was on the lower floor of the PMQ building.


Yellow Corner small exhibition at PMQ in Central Hong Kong (Yellowkorner.com, 2018) Image by Paul Peach 2018


There was quite a lot of street and low light photographs. The list of photographers was endless, not exactly house old names.  A couple of photographers that stood out was Masashi Wakui(Wakui, 2018)and Jorg Dillman(Dickman, 2018). Notably, both photographers took low light images of neon-lit areas of cities or urban areas.

Reflection of Yellow Corner Exhibition at PMQ

As I was not allowed to take photographs of the small exhibition I thought I would do some doodling and take notes.

What struck me was a lot of the photographers were describing themselves as urban photographers, so it got me thinking is this what I am an urban photographer in Hong Kong.

I started writing down some of the words some of the photographers use to describe their work, as this is something I do find difficult to define sometimes.


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