Photo Selection process

With only half my book content completed, I needed to do some selection processing of each barbershop to start to get them into my book for layout design testing, so I printed out most of my photos I wanted to look at after my initial digital selection process using Lightroom cc. After this selection, I will insert into the book layout into Indesign and process another layout selection to filter unwanted images again as I work with the basic book draft layouts.

It was suggested by my supervisor at my university to create dummy books, but  I will do this later as there is just too much to print, my printer can’t deal with so much volume of photographs and pages. I will have to do the selection and design process more digitally and do some dummy books later on in the process.

As part of the design process of the book, I need to start focusing on the text and interviews, and how I present this work, I think my book design is moving towards the mapping locations and dates established as signifiers, and the interviews will be at the end of the book to consolidate the work.

I will probably use quotes from the interviews for some of the main body of work within each barbershop section with dividing images to help allow the work to flow better. I will use some key signifiers such as vector maps and some subtle graphics and a brief contents page to outline the book as it seems to be expanding as I gather more images. It’s interesting that I’m finding more images that I have captured and at the same time I’m culling some others. The selection process of coming back and forth to my work has been going on for some time now. I think I am lucky in some ways as I am quite brutal with my choices. And I don’t get emotional with images, and in some cases, some older images have come back into the selection, as I did not have the time during the previous module to look at these images. This lack of time is due to the fact as students we are too busy writing blogs and writing assignments and its often the case our practical work is being left behind, so I have been trying to focus on the practical aspects of my work more. So below are some of my selections from each barbershop.



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