One aspect of my MA photography project is about printing off pages of a dummy book. For this activity, the quality does not need to be brilliant for grouping and sequencing. However, to appreciate the printed photo there are two things that I need to consider. First is the accuracy of the colours to match the output ICC profile from Indesign or photoshop. The second requirement is to have a print quality as close to gallery and book printing as close as possible. To that end, it was time for me to research the latest printers out there for the type of production I needed to do.

So I needed to find a printer which not only fulfilled my requirements but was not too high on budget and was compact to accommodate the small size apartments, which I have become accustomed to here in Hong Kong. My old printer was also on its last legs due to the extra use during this course.

Well, I’m not going to compare all the printers on the internet. There are plenty of websites that do that, and those websites(many) have analysed the running costs. So, in the end, I picked the Epson expression photo HD XP-15010 (, 2018) a handy, high-quality compact A3 + size printer, with enough quality regarding printing and colour matching.

I purchased this printer at a good discount price if paid in cash from the Wan Chai Computer Centre in Hong Kong (, 2018)

Colour Printing

The only slight problem is that the black and white prints have a small colour cast unless you use the grey scale mode, but it’s not so obvious.  If we do a bit of tweaking on the ICC profile settings in photoshop and disable the Epson colour setup this problem, is significantly improved although not perfect.

The ink cost is not too bad, compared to other options out there. Compared to printing costs to third-party companies its likely to save you on prints of premium quality. So unless you’re going to print supersize then obviously an A3+ printer is not going to do that.

All of these things above are part of being involved in a photography project in production. Moreover taking part in an MA course in photography.


Wan Chai Computer Centre, Printer Purchase
Wan Chai Computer Centre, Hong Kong, (, 2018)




Printing paper

Paper is another area, which is essential to my project regarding printing and how I want my photographs and narrative to come across to the audience.

I thought its best to try out some papers after some more google review searches.

For general quality matte prints, I thought I would use the Epson Archival Paper(, 2018), although the name of the paper has been changing from all accounts, in any case, it’s a good enough matt paper to try out some prints for proofing at the final stages of my dummy book. I also found some sample packs from Epson, so I will be trying these out and probably use for my portfolio samples also. (, 2018)

I know there are a lot of other types of printers and paper, I just found this particular brand that suited my budget and needs at this time.

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