The Art of Barbering: Hong Kong Barbers in Transition’

Well, I finally completed my first of 4 assignments of my final project proposal for my MA in Photography. The first assignment was a written photography project proposal for my planned book design and research development and plan. This project plan will in effect give me a more focused idea for my work ahead. The project title, The  Art of Barbering: Hong Kong Barbers in Transition, may not be the actual title of the book. Specifically, this title is more about the academic side of the project for the assignment.

This project will focus on the symbolic nature with the cultural dimensions of my works to reveal the social representations of the global mediascape in barbershop practices, which address the economic, commercial and lifestyles of the youth culture influences in Hong Kong.

In comparison, the academic description perhaps is more focused on the historical aspects of Hong Kong barbers. With this in mind, it’s probably better to think about my work as being more about youth culture and life here in Hong Kong. Barbers and barber shops are just an interest which gives me access to these precious social and cultured undiscovered themes. One such topic is the tattoo art of Marcus Yuen at the 59 Tattoo & Barbershop in Hong Kong. This theme forms part of a set of ideas including female barbers, barber events and other emerging themes.


Marcus Yuen

Marcus Yuen, Tattoo Art sample at the 59 tattoo & barbershop, image taken by Paul Peach 2018

Photography Project

After talking to my university supervisor, It was suggested my project should say more about me and my motivations for this work. Also, it was also recommended I use a designer and a writer perhaps.

For the most part, this is probably a good idea. However, I have limited resources to finance a writer and a designer to work on my project. However, I do have access to a designer who happens to be my wife,  a graphic and branding designer and consultant (University of Arts London and Wong, 2018).

So far my design consultant is happy with the direction of my book design research and development so that I will be getting advise when needed during my work, but so far I have stuck with my design.


University of Arts London, W. and Wong, K. (2018). Wong Kwok Kei (Sandra) – Communication & Graphic Design – UAL. [online] Available at:–graphic-design/wong-kwok-kei-sandra/ [Accessed 16 Feb. 2018].



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