Photoshoot & Interview Hairhouse Barbershop Wan Chai

This barbershop in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong is very different from some of the other places as it has an almost French style cafe look about it, The barbershop is far enough from the main roads, to make it a very quiet area. I arrived just before sunset to take some external photographs and then waited until Adam was free to interview. Most of my photographs were taken before the interview.

Adam chan the owner and the master barber, who was often training his staff during my photoshoot. Adam went to a hairdressing academy and then trained in a salon before starting his own barbershop business in Central where I first met him. This Barbershop was once a pet barbershop of sorts and this Barbershop is also in the process of moving again to another barbershop in the same street.

Adams ideology of barbershop life is about sustainability and not using chemicals as he experienced in his salon days of work. During this photoshoot, Adam had a small gathering of friends and barbers for his birthday.

My photos were first visually steered towards the environment and then later more about the people during the photo shoot after I spoken to some of the barbers, I was able to take more of them in a more relaxed way. Adam came across as a little Hypermasculine in character (Michael, 2018), which is probably quite typical of barber life in general.

This characteristic of the barbers and the men that visit these establishments is a sign of change away from the salon man who seems to be more neutral in character.

There was plenty of things to take photos of, the barbershop and apprentice barbers where happy generally. It felt almost like this group of people were like brothers or a community.

Adam Chan Interview, taking questions at Hairhouse barbershop in Wan Chai District – Paul Peach 2018
Adam Chan Interview at Hairhouse barbershop in Wan Chai District – Paul Peach 2018







sample photoshoot images at Hairhouse barbershop in Wan Chai District – Paul Peach 2018


Selection of images to use for my book – Hairhouse barbershop in Wan Chai District – Paul Peach 2018


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