Interview and Photoshoot at Neighbor Barbershop Kwun Tong

Another visit to the Neighbor barbershop in Kwun Tong to do an interview with Barber Zteve Li, and yes I did spell it right. I last took photos of this barbershop back in 2017, it has changed a little but was more or less the same as it was in 2017 in terms of the character of the shop. Some of the barbers had come and gone, but that is the nature of this business, people do often move around especially if they start up their own business, which is a tempting prospect given this is one of the few industries that is booming right now. Haircutting is not something that you can do on the internet as opposed to many other industries nowadays. Barbers are now redefining the art of barbering with not just their ability to cut hair, but with the right attitude to men’s grooming.

Zteve became interested in the being a barber while growing up with his bother who worked in a Salon and practised cutting his hair. My impression of Zteve was that he is a people person for sure and this was the heart of his motivation for this new direction in his career.

Interview with Zteve Li at Neighbor Barbershop -2018









Photoshoot at Neighbor Barbershop – Paul Peach 2018


As I had already taken many photos of this barbershop I wanted to focus mainly on Zteve as a barber and show his character as a person. One interesting side to the visit was when he showed me an original vintage Italian hair dryer and then another almost copy of the original hair dryer, so in effect, he had an antique hairdryer made in Italy being copied or at least the same style and metal casing or aluminium shiny characteristics of the style adopted. So in other words instead of redesigning a new style, the vintage or antique look was part of the market value.

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