Photoshoot Neighbor Barbershop Prince Edward

My second visit to the Neighbor Barbershop in Prince Edward Hong Kong was with Stanley Li who has over 17 years of Salon experience and has been part of the Neighbor Barbershop business since 2016. I arrived early in the late afternoon, Stanley was very busy, so I decided to have a haircut and beard trim before my photoshoot and interview to help get into the barbershop mode of thinking.

Its funny after a second visit I found my self-looking for new things I had missed in my previous photo shoots, such as the glass Jar on the front desk and the empty hair wax tin full of cigarettes and the external environment during daylight.


My interview started, and he explained his ideology of being a barber. He told me that one of the most important things is to help the customer solve their daily needs to fit the client’s lifestyle. And to educate the client to help them with their hair grooming needs. Stanley also explained the daily tasks of the barber were not just about hair cutting, but there was a lot of responsibility for the client’s needs such as an event or birthday party or interview, or to meet a girlfriends mum. He explained that they don’t offer such things as perms or hair colouring.

He said that while a lot of Europeans and US salons offer this and that even Shanghai Barbers used to offer this, Barbers in Hong Kong now days offer mainly a shave and haircut. In fact, he said a barbershop is about men’s grooming not about the barbershop decor. He goes on to say our brand of service experience is the most important part of our service which is primarily shaving and haircutting. His idea was to not complicate things and keep things realistic and not worry about if a celebrity is visiting our place or not. in other words the experience would be the same no matter who you are.

Stanely Li interview at Neighbor Barbers in Prince Edward
Stanely Li Photoshoot at Neighbor Barbers in Prince Edward – Paul Peach 2018








A sample of Photographs from Neighbor Barbers in Prince Edward – Paul Peach 2018
A selection of Photographs for my book from Neighbor Barbers in Prince Edward – Paul Peach 2018


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