Unfinished Business – Portfolio Presentation

This week I wanted to finish putting together some useful physical portfolio presentation folders for some of my photography work(Prat-usa.com, 2018). This will also help me start thinking about my project proposal ideas of how I want to present my final Project work. Although I have had a work in progress exhibition here in Hong Kong,  I thought it was time to have some presentable portable work in a physical format that I may need in the future. I managed to get hold of some small size portfolios binders that would be portable and easy to show to prospective clients if needed.

I have not yet decided what work or series of photos to display in these books yet, but the process will form part of my book as I will have a variety of images to choose from including black and white and colour spreads.

Scale and Balance

The interesting part of looking at books binders like the ones below is you also get a sense of the scale and it’s making me think about how I may want to scale my project book. I think landscape would work as a book for many of my images, but I think as I have a mixture of portrait and close up and wide shots I think perhaps would overwhelm the other images, I need to strike a balance with what message I want to convey from my work and my self to an audience.

Of course, there is nothing new about these types of photo bookbinders, but I am convinced more about designing a book for my project proposal as I believe it will be better to present as a collection of images rather than just a few images for print. Having said that I will consider presenting a small series photos of my work as an exhibition if time is permitting and have the resources to do so.


Spiral – Black saddle-stitching – Spiral Multi-Ring semi-hard cover –  leather landscape Spiral Multi-RingBooks purchased for my work – Paul Peach 2018


Leather soft flexible cover – Paul Peach 2018


Soft leather durable cover and leather stud attachment – Paul Peach 2018


Small ring binder allows an image to be fully exposed flat with acid-free crystal clear covers – Paul Peach 2018



Prat-usa.com. (2018). Prat Spiral Books, Pampa 143/148 Spiral Books | Prat USA. [online] Available at: http://www.prat-usa.com/pampa-spiral-book.html [Accessed 10 Jan. 2017].


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