My research continues with a look at Paolo Pellegrin’s work from the Magnum website(Pellegrin, 2006) and from the book Photography Masterclass (Lowe, 2016). The picture below is of civilians in Tyre, after fleeing their villages in southern Lebanon. The photograph has many different layers and textures and great depth. Low writes about Paolo’s creative tips. Paolo wrote “I spent twenty years thinking of how to give a photograph the dimension it doesn’t have depth, layers “It got more and more complex. At some point, the opposite process occurs -deconstructing, subtracting, taking away”, This process of taking away amounts to creating the essence of a story.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 1.50.22 AM
(Pellegrin, 2006) Civilians in Tyre, after fleeing their villages in southern Lebanon

This is something I am doing in my work more and more as you can see in the example below in my picture I took of the 59 Tattoo and barber shop in Whampoa, Hong Kong below.

Lowe goes onto to say about Paolo’s work and states ” Pellegrin often seeks out situations that technically other might consider too difficult, shooting at twilight, in darkness, and in adverse weather. A major effect of working in marginal light conditions is that many of his images are blurred and out of focus. This creates images that would normally be rejected, however, if used consciously rather than accidentally this can heighten the drama and expressiveness of the scene.

Picture by Paul Peach at the 59 Tattoo & Barbershop Digital Photo

In this picture below, I took with the Yashica D film camera I have done exactly that, in that I knew it was not going to be easy to capture anything that was super sharp, so I thought I would see the limitations or if you like how far could I get away with the blurry motion and see if it actually gave it more character.


Picture by Paul Peach at the 59 Tattoo & Barbershop film Photo


Film printed contact sheet 59 Tattoo & Barbershop Whampoa, Hong Kong



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