Positions & Practice, Week 4 Forum: Re-thinking Photographers

Question from MA mod1 week 4. Write a brief post to the forum, describing:  what you think non-photographers make of professional photographers – what are the conceptions and misconceptions? I’m not sure what is the meaning of none photographers? If that means someone who has no knowledge of photography then,

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Positions & Practice, Week 2 Activity: Photography and…

During the 80’s I was hooked on collecting graphic novels (comic art), and would often spend many trips to London or other cities in the UK attending comic art conventions with my old friend and now graphic novel artist David Hitchcock who now publishes and shows his work via a blog

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Positions & Practice, Week 1. The Global Image

Fig. 1: Chow 2011. The Poverty Line Photograph This photograph taken by Stefen Chow is part of a collection of images based on a concept to show the different cultural staple foods in the world that are affordable, based on world poverty line indicators. Stefen is the co-founder of ‘The Poverty Line’(Hong Kong

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