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I began this blog searching for inspiration for book design ideas. I looked again at the British Journal of photography January 2018 edition, as a result of my visit to last years (2017) Alexander Rodchenko exhibition at the F11 Foto Museum, I was looking at the emerging Russian photographers described in the article. In particular, I was interested in the Zine Photobook  Amplitude No 1, published by FotoDepartament (Vitale, 2018). This book was the work of 10 Russian authors showcasing Russian contemporary photography.

British Journal of Photography January edition 2018 (Vitale, 2018) Amplitude No 1 Zine Photobook – Photo of Magazine Paul Peach 2018



I was inspired by the simplicity of the photographs in this book, and some were laid out as framed photos or full-bleed across two pages. The combination of all ten books worked well. There was a simple common theme of the design. Each book had subtle differences, but not so different that the design of the book lost its continuity.

The book also had an easy flow of transition from Abstract to surreal and stylistic snapshots, documentary, staged photo’s, portraits and finally ended with black and white and color photo combinations of portraits and still life so I started thinking about my book and the idea of doing a 3 in one book as opposed to one book. Amplitude No 1 Zine (Janney, 2018). I think this a good example of how a book can be both creative in an abstract fine art sense and also have documentary and portraits together with text.




As I viewed the zine video presentation, I was interested at the last book by Irina Yulieva (Yulieva, 2017) and I noticed a lot of the work had quite a lot grain that seemed to work well with these types of images on what appears to be white paper. The work combined some striking photographs, and some more abstract or even a more documentary feel to it. The work also had a combination of black and white photos.





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