Week 6 first activity, was to post a picture of some alternative exhibition places ‘alternative spaces’. I could not find any whacky places as such; I thought I would post this. I took this picture during this module and I did think to myself self if the authorities were happy to let someone do this type of work on the wall on this particular street, then it has the potential to be a place to display some kind of temporary work.

The picture was taken by Paul Peach 2017 in Sai Kung District of Hong Kong.


The second activity for this week was to post an installation plan for our work in progress exhibition and share two examples of our work.


Paul Peach 2017 – Fendi Barbershop Kwun Tong


Paul Peach 2017 -Light Fendi Barbershop Kwun Tong

I will exhibit my work at two different locations. I have to consider my target audiences So my audience will have a split or mix of two strands locally,  So what is interesting here may not be interesting in Europe or overseas generally or the other way around.  I have a strategy for much later in my project that will make my project audience expand considerably. For this taster exhibition, I will be focusing on feedback from a number of small audiences.

1. Men’s Grooming Supply shop in Kwun Tong(Kowloon Side of Hong Kong), which barbers go frequently. I have a few days from the  13th-14th the 18th August. They have agreed to allow me to have a table and leaflets to enable barbers to comment on my work etc. Number of Pictures will be around 8-12



Picture Men’s Grooming Supply Shop Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

2. Neighbours Barbershop in the Kwun Tong (Kowloon Side of Hong Kong)

The barbershop owner has agreed to allow me to have an opening event on the 11th August and leave my work in the barber shop throughout the seven days to allow his clients to view and comment. This venue will be about seven medium size pics maybe more.Having got a basic plan, I decided to search for ways to display and install my work

Having successfully found two venues to exhibit my work and a basic plan I decided to search for ways to display and install my work.

Photos Display Methods
Install methods explored on Pinterest


I was first interested in using coat hangers style attachments, but this would mean making holes in the walls of one of my exhibition venues and the other venue did not match as the panelled wood walls were quite raw so the raw earthy display would have had no contrasting background, too much like a scrapbook effect. From the examples below you can see the walls are flat and clean, unlike the surfaces at my venues. I also looked at having something free standing against the walls, however, the working environments would have been problematic on many levels, such as space and potential accidents and generally getting in the way of the barbers and clients.

After more consultation with my chosen exhibition venues, I decided to go for framed pictures. So first thing was to measure and check out the areas in person to set up a dummy display with a set of Ikea paper templates.


And finally, I attached printed cutouts of my exhibition images to the printed photos of my exhibition venues to see what they may look like. I arranged the final draft display below.



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