During week 7 of my MA in Photography, we were asked to produce a dummy setup of a book based on our project.

Step One: Bring together all visual material related to your project so far.

Step Two: Put them up on a wall or similar surface

Step Three: Take a photograph of the wall (or surface) and post it

Step Four: Describe two possible forms that your publication, this should be a visual description such as a sketch.

Step 1-2-3.


Cut-outs of my printed photos Paul Peach 2017



Having grouped most of my new images (more on the way), I will probably publish more pictures in the book than the Exhibition. I will reduce these grouped images down to maybe 2 or 3 per set within the book.

I will decide on two formats,  1. One simple, low-cost Square format with simply stapled spine  The second I will get the pages bound by glue on perhaps slightly thicker paper, maybe Matt.(getting quotes from printers).

My idea is to link one small colour picture with each set (possibly 6 sets) and also have one photogram for each set.

This will help give some context to each set. Within each set I will also show the narrative and create a contrast with the sequence, I have not decided on the title yet. I may also include some pictures and text relating to the methods used to produce the images. The contents of the book will contain images and text – Intro, Barbershops, Men’s Grooming Supply shop, and some contextual images related to the making of.

Step 4

Rough Sketch of first ideas of book design – Paul Peach


My own work arranged on the floor  part one- Paul Peach 2017



My own work arranged on the floor Part 2- Paul Peach 2017

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