My Workshop and Exhibition plans and implementing them are in full swing. My workshop is done I am just waiting for feedback from them, but one has already booked some more workshops with me. Regarding my project, this workshop has been a good experience, and while giving others the chance to use old vintage cameras and vintage lenses on a digital camera, it’s made me realize how far I have developed from where I was at the beginning of my MA course.

It was hard to imagine last year I would have 2 venues for my exhibition this year and a workshop.

For my exhibition, I was originally going to go with some almost coat hanger style displays, which is are quite popular, but in the Barbershop and the hair grooming supply shop the full bleed frame if you like without a frame looked muted with the brown wood color or in the barbershop case a muddy grey with ( not much lighting ) was also too muted, no focus on the pictures at all, So the frames looked much better as they draw the eye to them much better and also matches the decor well, it looked that way after my printed photo mock ups.

The Ikea picture templates allowed me to speed up the process of arranging my pictures when I was at the venues,( without getting in the way)

I would have liked to used or experimented with other methods, but as always time is not a luxury we  have , so I hope in our final exhibition we will be given more time to consider( what I call thinking time) for example I wanted to print out some fabric based on the photograms and display on the wall perhaps or even make up some barber capes and hang them near the prints. Also wanted to attach some additional tools near the frames, so lots of ideas coming through, but no time to implement them.

I also need to set up some poster to let people know what this exhibition is about.

The poster from the landings page even as well designed as it is will probably be overlooked (although  I will still put up one in each venue) as these places are working areas so I will have to setup my own version of it and to get feedback etc.

I will also have to take out the Glass on all frames to make them a lot lighter. Will use 3M Velcro with more than enough weight endurance and as a back up have some regular picture fittings. The men’s grooming shop I only have a few days there so that display will not be on the 11th as in the Barbershop venue.

My venues will not have lots of people being invited as this is not practical for the men’s grooming shop and Barbershop, as these are places of work not like a walk in gallery space, so the main people who will see my work will be the barbers and clients of both establishments. This suits me as I don’t want too much attention at this stage as this will allow me to experiment with my displays a little more and paper and frame types and lighting conditions.

Also, my pictures on display are also, in this case, helping to showcase the barber shops, if I don’t show some respect for their help, then future help will not be so forthcoming so my selection will not be as focused as my portfolio. So I hope you understand some of the exhibited pictures will not all be the best ones.

My work in progress book will be developed at some stage in the coming year or so.

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