F22 Foto Space Exhibitions Leaflet (front), 5th floor, amber commercial building, 70-74 Morrison hill road, 
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
F22 Foto Space Exhibitions leaflet (back), 5th floor, amber commercial building, 70-74 Morrison hill road, 
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Having been to the F11 Foto Museum I also decided to visit its sister Gallery called the (F22 Foto Space, 2017) which is based in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong. The Gallery explains it is a showcase for photo art and contemporary design. I went to see the work of Simon Go, who is best known for his work as a project director for a none profit organisation called Hulu Culture in Hong Kong, but in this photography work, I was interested in what is best described as an archive of old original Hong Kong shops that are starting to disappear due to the high rents and a high cost of living. I see some similarities in my work in that my collection of work is also part of an evolving barbershop practice and my images will reflect later how barbershops were then and how they compare to the future images of Hong Kong.

To me, I think these images that were on show were of a  more documentary style than artistic, as most if not all were captured with a small aperture and are wide shots of each shop front, so are almost part of a repeat photography collection. From all accounts they were taken using a 6×7 medium format camera, this enabled his work to be printed in a large size with great detail.

In terms of my practice, I think these kind of exhibitions are something I wish to be a part of as Hong Kong is my home now and I do feel part of this place more and more as I explore its surroundings.

Simon Go had titled his work as “gold painted signs” This exhibition was well published in the local press in Hong Kong (South China Morning Post, 2017) “Photographer Simon Go has spent 13 years on a project chronicling more than 300 traditional shops across Hong Kong. An exhibition titled ‘Gold-Painted Signs-Hong Kong Old Shops’ showcases his works .”

I also purchased a copy of the F22 Foto Space published book by Simon Go, this was another design to think about as I think further about the design of my book, which I will produce later in my MA photography course.

Fat Kee Barbershop in Sham Shui Po 2007 from the F22 foto book by Simon Go

I took a picture of a similar traditional Hong Kong lane style barbershop in 2016 see picture below.


Oi Kwan Barbershop shop front Wan Chai taken by Paul Peach 2016


F22 Simon Go book Cover 2017
Another example of some nice book design with the gold text on matt black paper

I was thinking how long it will take me to photograph most of the Hong Kong Barbershops, I hope it doesn’t take 13 years as a new transition of barbers will be sure to be emerging by then. When I visit these type of exhibition I always try to take pictures as this is an indoor area, this seems to something in photographing more often, So took a few photos to help illustrate my visit.

The exhibition was on two floors (5th and 6th Floor) all photos below of the exhibition visit were taken by Paul Peach 2017.

Paul Peach 2017 image of Photographic Equipment used by Simon Go
Ho Hei Kee Umbrella Repairs, Central, Hong Kong, 2006 photo by Simon Go
Uncle Chau Seamster on Pottinger St, Central, Hong Kong, 2004 photo by Simon Go
F22 Foto Space Reception and Gallery area – 2017
F22 Foto Space Display case of related Hong Kong Books – 2017
F22 Foto Space – projected featured image, Long Kee noodle shop, Mong Kok 2006
Hoi On Cafe, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2005 photo by Simon Go
Kwong Cheong Swallow’s Nest, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2016 photo by Simon Go
Chung Lung Rice Trading, Central, Hong Kong, 2005 photo by Simon Go
F22 Foto Space Stairwell and Gallery area – 2017
Wo Cheong Hardware & Electrical Appliances, Ngau Tau Kok, Hong Kong, 2006, photo by Simon Go
F22 Foto Space 6th floor area with seating and cafe and Gallery area – 2017
F22 Foto Space 6th floor stairwell and information wall panel and area  and cafe and Gallery area – 2017
Yuet Kee, Cobblers and Cutlers, Sai Wan, Hong Kong, 2005 photo by Simon Go
F22 Foto Space 6th floor, Leica Camera model and Gallery area – 2017


F22 Foto Space 6th floor, Leica Camera model,  reflection selfie – 2017


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