Continuing my work on my last Module of my MA in Photography, there was an opportunity to engage in more photography work and more people in the Barbershop industry as a whole.

It was suggested by one of my tutors I have a go at entering a photography competition based here in Hong Kong. The competition’s theme is Transition, so this was a good match for my project and gave me an opportunity to re-edit my profile (bio) and my project statement, the competition is called WMA (WMA, 2017) the WMA Masters is a non-profit photography award aiming to nurture the growth of photography as an art form in Hong Kong, as well as stimulate dialogue and foster community awareness on socially relevant issues of critical importance to Hong Kong. 

Part of the process was to have in place model and property release documents signed and ready. This took some time as I had to consult 4 different barbershops and visit each one with an offer of some framed prints of some of the photographs I took of them and as a thank you for allowing me to use their images for future commercial work. This engagement with the barbers got me a ticket to the Temple of Groom Tour event here in Hong Kong. This event was a showcase of Barbers and their respective skills from Japan (Barbershopapache, 2017), (MR.BROTHERS CUT CLUB, 2017), (SCHOREM, 2017) Rotterdam and (The 59 Tattoo and Barber Shop, 2017) in Hong Kong. This seemed the perfect event to engage more with the Barbershop scene here in Hong Kong to help further inform my work and see this profession from a different perspective.


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