Fig. 1: Chow 2011. The Poverty Line Photograph

This photograph taken by Stefen Chow is part of a collection of images based on a concept to show the different cultural staple foods in the world that are affordable, based on world poverty line indicators. Stefen is the co-founder of ‘The Poverty Line’(Hong Kong 2011), a global visual project that contextualises poverty around the world. This photograph illustrates well the power of photography in the context of global poverty. The newspaper in the background of the photograph is a local Hong Kong newspaper to illustrate the culture and language of Hong Kong and with the striking images of raw pork, it sets the tone of the image due to the awkwardness of the layout of the raw meat. This image is almost documentary in style yet as the impact on a global scale when viewed together with the rest of the collection of pictures and data. I chose this image as it shows that even a relatively simple photograph can be part of a much bigger and global issue. And perhaps this can teach us how to better link our own collections of photos to convey some emotional or practical response.


Figure 1. Hong Kong. 2011. [online]. Available at: [accessed 20 September 2016].

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