My response from MA question week 5 mod1.

Write a brief statement or ‘manifesto’ that defines your purpose as a photographer:

  • What are your responsibilities?
  • Who are you answerable to?
  • Who should answer to you as an image maker?

Post your text (perhaps with an image, if you wish) of not more than 150 words to the forum. Challenge your peer’s assertions and be prepared to ‘defend’ your own.

As a photographer and image maker;

  • I take pictures with intent, but with respect to the people and places around me.
  • my mission is to hopefully make a difference and enrich people’s lives and bring a smile or two to someone face.
  • I will share my photography knowledge & collaborate with people, organisations to the best of my ability.
  • I will embrace the legal aspects of ethical Photography and good practice in whatever country or legal jurisdiction I am taking photographs in.
  • I am creative, adaptable and dedicated to educating myself in the practice of photography
  • I try to exceed the expectations of others and myself.
  • I expect others to respect my work as I would theirs and not step over the legal and ethical bounds of Image misuse.

And most of all I am a no-nonsense kind of photographer who will tell it how it is.

Response from one of my peers to my manifesto statement

Paul, I really liked how you want to “enrich people’s lives” by your photos. I too would hope my images do the same. How do you think you accomplish this now in your practice? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

My response to my peer’s question

I think I see photography in a slightly different way to most, Photography found me and it keeps me alert to the world around me. The act of physically taking up a vantage point and framing the shot, looking through the viewfinder and reviewing the light, the subject, the angles, the moment, etc,  to me is still an important creative photography action, but I think of this action as a pre-photographic production process, to the second digital creative process, so for me it’s really two subjects in one. So when I consider your question, I think of these two photographic creative processes. In (Squires.1999) Squires Essays of contemporary photography, Geoffrey Batchen wrote “Digital images are actually closer in spirit to the creative process of art than they are to the truth values of documentary”

One of my influences in life is a comedy , I mean the visual and writing aspects of comedy, Comedy is now an official subject of art in some university’s these days.

I think the world of Art and Photography has been for many years a bit of a gloom and doom subject for me to some degree, I think some people take it far too seriously for my liking, I have been quietly developing my photographic skills outside of this world and it’s only now I have come back into this world, it’s not changed that much lol, of course life is serious , political , Social, ethical, environment, economic, science, health care, the list goes on right? I’m guessing I won’t shake any mountains in the next two years due to the way this course is structured. I have some business ideas that I want to explore after this course is over,  that will help people, pure and simply help people, using photography and other skills I have. As far as photography, in general, I would like to create a visual set of books or some form of work that can endure the test of time, I would like  people to feel like they have learned something new, or perhaps seen a side of life they don’t normally see, perhaps even smile( I don’t mean just the cute pictures of animals) , I want to develop photography that’s smart not just art.


SQUIRES. 1999. Overexposed: Essays on contemporary photography. New York: New York Press.

Response from my peer to my answer to the question

Paul, you said a lot of good things. I like how you say that photography “found” you and keeps you “alert to the world around you”. That’s an interesting way of putting it.

I think it’s a great endeavour to want to help people through combining photography and other skills you have. I also think that your last sentence, “I want to develop photography that’s smart, not just art” is important. There’s nothing wrong with cute pictures of animals (who doesn’t like to look at them! :), but to cause someone to think when they look at an image or be challenged by ideas, assumptions, expectations, etc., that is a way to create an impact, even if for one person (although I think we’d all hope to have a larger ripple effect). I hope that you’re able to accomplish this!

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