My brief from one of my peers

Street Food of Hong Kong – Photographer’s Brief


An online travel magazine will be running an article on the street food scene of Hong Kong. They need some photographs to complement the article. The photographs may be used in their online magazine. 

Ideally, approximately five photographs will be used for the article. With one photograph having some blank space to allow for some text on the front page of the article.

The photographs should give the viewer an insight into the street food scene and the people there to show the vibrancy of the location and to make “foodies” want to visit Hong Kong.

The photographs should be in colour and there may be (although not necessarily) an element of blur to show the action in the scene.

Any of the street food locations in Hong Kong that are named in the article linked here

Once I received this brief, I realised quite quickly the links and locations are pretty much out of date in terms of where the street food is, so after visiting one or two of the locations with nothing to speak of in terms of street food, I opted to go to Mong Kok,  where locals eat and where many overseas people visit.

I knew it was not easy to get close to these food stalls due to the many people surrounding them, but I had two types of lenses (Zoom & fixed Wide) and my feet to deal with that.

I took 3 to 5 exposures for each picture in case I needed to do some extra post-production processing to bring out some the colours/light etc.

I wanted to get as close as I could and get the feel of the heat and smells to get a feel of what I wanted to emphasise. I think if I had more time I could have done more with the composition on some shots, but It’s my second attempt at outdoor food photography so I may learn a thing or two for next time.

So in the end I went with some of Hong Kong signature street food, such as BBQ pork, egg tarts (including green ones now), baked fish & vegetable balls, Chinese herbal tea, dried fish & meat, sweet bakery items, Tofu & sausage stew, slow grilled duck, Japanese style snacks and drinks with the locally famous condensed milk.



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