Image Selection Methods

Well, first things first,  I need use the same image selection methods which I use in a previous MA photography module.

And then to print out the images, I have so far and arrange them in space; however, I don’t have a studio or large area since I have moved home recently, so I decided to create an area on the wall using cork tiles. After I assembled the work area and printed off over 50 images I realized I needed more photos, I was happy with the images I had to some degree I needed more and decided to hold back on this process until I had all my best images to select and categorize.

Do I categorize by the barbershop, time,  types of images? These questions remain unanswered at this stage. Other considerations are the number of images I use. Since I have a quite a bank of images, there is a danger the book could escalate into 100’s of images. So, for example, will this project continue after my MA photography course is complete.

I feel at this point I need to have more images as this photographic journey is also about my development and my images are changing as the project progresses. This poses the question do I show this development in the book or do I just show my best images? This is a tricky balancing act. In some ways, my images are archival.

I will continue to take more photos for my project before I lay them out on the floor or mood board. I think at the moment its all about preparing what I have and will have in the coming weeks and then create a strategy to complete the design.

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